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Special thanks to La Dolfina Polo Lifestyle for their help and support in the making of this book. 


Irina Kazaridi is an Art Photographer, inspired by the beauty of the polo sport and horses, Irina was traveling few years following main polo tournaments around the world, creating the collection of Art Photographs which have been displayed in different exhibitions and galleries from Europe to Argentina.


Irina has photographed all of the top players in the world as well as the beautiful families and elegant horses that surround them and bring them to life. She brings into focus moments of pure joy, sadness, triumph, terrific victory and defeat, the moments behind the game that generate the passion of the players and depict with stunning clarity the close relationship between man and his horse. 


In this book, we share the wonderful journey around the world of polo, following the nomadic players and journeying from Argentina to Palm Beach, from Spain to France, from Dubai to England. From the action on the field to the breathtaking emotions and the dedication behind the scenes, Irina captures the poignant moments in the human aspect of the game in the world’s top polo destinations.


The book is presented in hardcover and consists of 140 pages of best art photographs of top polo destinations, best polo horses and the portraits of polo people, which was selected from the Irina Kazaridi’s collection for this book. The weight of the book is 1,6 kg and the size is 30 x 30 cm.


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